Why Proper Home Ventilation is Important

home ventilation

Ventilation has always been a part of a comfortable and healthy home. Just as we rely on equipment like oven exhaust hoods to maintain excellent air quality, our ancestors used chimneys, flues, and vents to remove smoke and stale air safely. Efficient home ventilation removes indoor air pollution, introduces fresh air, and helps control indoor humidity levels—which is always important in Florida homes.

What is a Home Ventilation System?

Most homes utilize a dedicated home ventilation system that works in conjunction with the heating and cooling equipment that comprises your HVAC system. Here's how home ventilation works based on three common designs. We can help you find the right ventilation system for your home!

  • Supply ventilation system – Popular in warmer climates, this system pressurizes the home and pulls in fresh outdoor air. Stale air "leaks" into several vents instead of a single point.
  • Balanced ventilation system – This system uses two fans and two duct systems. One fan and one duct are dedicated to bringing fresh outdoor air to bedrooms or living rooms, while the other pulls stale indoor air from bathrooms or the kitchen.
  • Exhaust ventilation system – More popular in colder climates, this system utilizes a central exhaust point, typically on the roof. A single fan pulls a small amount of air from every room attached to the ductwork, usually with an air vent.

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How Can I Improve Air Flow in My Home?

In addition to having your ventilation system professionally inspected, you can use vents, windows, and doors throughout your home to improve airflow.

The most important rooms to ventilate are those that experience high levels of moisture or combustive elements, including:

  • Bathroom
  • Laundry room
  • Furnace/boiler room
  • Kitchen

Focus on these areas by opening nearby windows or doors when seasonally appropriate. Follow these tips to get air moving!

Using a Fan to Move Indoor Air

You can apply the same basic concept of an exhaust ventilation system to your DIY ventilation effort.

  • Place a fan next to an open window, facing out. This will pull air from inside the home and push it outside. This is a great option in the kitchen or bathroom to support your existing vents and fans, if needed.
  • Place a fan next to an open window, facing in. This will pull air from outside the home and push it inside. This is an excellent tactic in bedrooms or other areas you spend a lot of time.

What is Cross-ventilation in Homes?

Cross ventilation uses the lateral flow of air to replace indoor air with outdoor air. You can use fans or a natural breeze to improve cross ventilation, but the basics are the same.

To optimize cross-ventilation, open doors or windows on the windward side of your home, or the side from which the wind is blowing. At the same time, open doors and windows on the side of your home directly across from those windward windows. Keep other windows closed; this helps air move efficiently across the house, leaving you with more fresh air!

Reliable, Friendly HVAC Service in Edgewater, FL That's a Breath of Fresh Air

We can help you improve home ventilation and maintain healthy indoor air quality year-round. Count on Advanced Air for friendly, professional service for all your Volusia County HVAC needs. Request an appointment or call (386) 260-2330 for an in-depth look at your home ventilation system.

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