Replacing Ductwork: Skip The DIY And Hire The Pros

photo of a man inspecting the air filter behind a home vent

Replacing air ducts is inevitable with older homes as airflow begins to suffer as your air ducts wear down with age. Thankfully replacing an air duct is a typical project for many homes, but how difficult is replacing an air duct? Before you think this will be an easy DIY project, here is some insight into what to expect with replacing your air ducts.

Identifying the issue

Numerous factors can contribute to damaged air ducts needing replacement, and the most common underlying issue is age. With air ducts over fifteen years old, most homeowners should expect to replace their air ducts as they will likely have poor airflow and impede your HVAC system’s performance.

There is also potential damage to the air duct itself, such as possible punctures, that promptly need repairs. Another issue that some homeowners may overlook is potential odors which can be a symptom of mold growth, which require air duct replacement.

Knowing How To Proceed

What can make replacing air ducts challenging is correctly spotting the underlying issue with your air duct. Some homeowners may not accurately spot certain structural damage. While punctures and tears in air ducts are easy to spot visually, this is tricky without the proper tools for issues like minor leaks or mold. If you do not identify the correct issue, your DIY project might be in vain as you could potentially address one issue and not another.

Duct Work Is Delicate

The biggest concern homeowners should have before repairing their air ducts on their own is knowing that replacing air ducts can be a delicate procedure. It is entirely possible to damage your new air ducts during the installation and cost you more money in additional replacements.

Likewise, improper installation of air ducts can harm your HVAC system and cost you more money on your energy bills.

Calling The Pros

The best thing to do is call a professional and not brag, but our team is more than happy to help. With professional installation, we can make sure that we address all underlying issues across your home’s entire air duct system and ensure that any potential replacements are cost-effective.

In some cases, we have helped homeowners save money by inspecting their air ducts and recommending a cleaning instead of a duct replacement.

At Advanced Air Home Services we know how time-consuming it can be to manage a home, so when you call us at (386) 260-2330 we are happy to take some of that weight off your shoulders.