Knowing If It’s The Right Time To Buy A New AC Or Keep The Old One

Close up of an AC

Warmer weather is creeping up, and you know what that means, turning on the AC to get rid of that excessive heat indoors. The best thing you can do now is to check up on your air conditioning unit to see no signs of malfunctions. If you notice some AC issues that make you uncomfortable, you might be tempted to get a new system altogether. We’re here to break down whether you should get a new AC or repair the one you currently own!

Age Is A Big Clue

The easiest way to determine whether you need an upgrade is by looking at your system’s age. Typically air conditioning units can last upwards of ten years, with some HVAC systems lasting as long as twenty years. Ideally, we want to get the most out of our dollars and use our appliances until the end, but old AC units can be more of a burden.

If your AC is passed that ten-year mark and has been subjected to more repairs than usual in the past year, cooling your home less efficiently, or ran up your energy bills lately, you might be better off getting a new AC.

SEER Rating

AC units over the years have had Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings that can help homeowners find the most energy-efficient system that follows strict guidelines. While some SEER ratings as low as 12 were deemed acceptable in the past, modern systems can reach upwards of 16 SEER, even 25 SEER units. If your system is below 13 SEER units, give us a call, and we can break down why you might save more on your utility bills by upgrading to a much more energy-efficient AC system.

Repair Costs

Eventually, homeowners will run into a problem with their air conditioner as these appliances are not perfect. However, while a few repairs can be manageable, excessive maintenance can become a financial burden.

A good rule to follow is taking your system’s current age and multiplying that by the cost of your repairs and seeing if that exceeds $5,000. For example, you are quoted $500 for a repair; your AC system is five years old, which would be roughly $2,500 spent in the past five years on repairs. Since $2,500 is under $5,000, it would be a good idea to repair your system.

However, let’s say the same system is 12 years old, same repair cost as above, which would total $6,000, which is above that $5,000 mark meaning you are spending more than you paid to install the system, so probably worth getting a new AC. If you are ever unsure, our technicians are here to help you find the most cost-effective solution for your home.

Calling The Pros

Installing a new air conditioner or even repairing your old one can be a sizeable investment, and we understand homeowners that want to find the best solution for their homes. At Advanced Air Home Services we have years of experience saving our customers money by helping them find the most cost-effective HVAC solution for their home and taking time to treat each client as a unique case.

If you are debating on whether a repair or new installation is right for you, give us a call at (386) 260-2330, and we can work with you to find a solution that meets your needs!