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Keep Your Home Functioning Easily with Heat Pump Maintenance in New Smyrna Beach, Palm Coast, and St Augustine

It can be a trying experience to spend days looking for the best heat pump maintenance in New Smyrna Beach, Palm Coast, and St Augustine. Advanced Air Home Services’s trained HVAC technicians want the process of heat pump service to be as easy as possible. That’s why our experts work so hard to offer the fastest, most reliable heat pump maintenance possible.

Since your heat pump functions year-round, we suggest two tune-ups every year. It’s wise to arrange these maintenance visits during the spring and fall seasons, to best prep your heat pump for the cooling and heating seasons.

You can reach our team at 386-427-1665 or contact us online to book your heat pump maintenance today.



There are a lot of benefits to keeping to this schedule. Your heat pump will maintain the best possible energy efficiency, which may result in lower energy use. Not only will you save money on monthly bills, but your heat pump could even receive a boost to its lifetime, providing you additional years of comfort.

When we team up together, preventive heat pump maintenance can be an easy, stress-free task. You’ll enjoy a system that runs more quietly and efficiently than you thought possible.

Our friendly, experienced staff are ready to provide support with these and any other HVAC needs that come up. And, like always, all our work is reinforced by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.* Contact our experts at 386-427-1665 or contact us online to book your heat pump maintenance now.



What Do I Receive with Professional Heat Pump Maintenance

Your heat pump system is one of the most key parts of supporting your home comfort. By running constantly throughout the year, it becomes exposed to wear and tear.

While a poorly maintained pump may be noisy and inefficient, a well-maintained heat pump will run quietly and smoothly. Routine maintenance can even prevent many typical problems from happening to your heat pump.

Our experts utilize an inclusive checklist for every job to confirm that all components will continue to work correctly. The list includes the following services:

  1. Inspecting crucial parts for damage. If one of these vital components breaks down, it could affect other parts of your heat pump as well.
  2. Eliminating dirt, dust or other buildup. A clean heat pump will run considerably more efficiently.
  3. Checking the refrigerant levels. If these are too low, your heat pump will have a hard time keeping your home at the correct temperature.
  4. Lubricating moving parts. Keeping them well-greased will reduce the odds of them becoming damaged.
  5. Assessing electrical components. We’ll review parts like wires and connection hookups to confirm your heat pump is operating safely.

By entrusting heat pump repair and maintenance to our fully licensed and insured experts, you’ll rest comfortably knowing that our visits will maximize your heat pump’s ability to heat and cool your indoor space.

Heat Pump Maintenance You Can Take Care of Yourself

These small tasks are a few of the best ways to keep your heat pump operating efficiently between our maintenance visits. Here are some common jobs you can handle on your own.

  1. Maintain clear space near your heat pump. Your heat pump needs space to work, so it’s essential to keep an eye on neighboring greenery. Bushes, shrubs and trees must be trimmed back at least two feet from the system.
  2. Make sure the heat pump is clean. Leaves, grass clippings and other yard debris can decrease your heat pump’s efficiency and raise your energy expenses. Call 386-427-1665 to book a maintenance tune-up at least every year to make sure your heat pump is clean and working optimally.
  3. Change your air filter. Air filters help block pollutants from entering into your HVAC system and flowing throughout your indoor space. When the air filter becomes clogged, it can prohibit airflow and produce serious problems. While most air filters last for up to three months, we recommend checking the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific model and change the air filter as proposed or whenever it appears dirty.

Never Forget Your Heat Pump Maintenance Again

We recognize your schedule is hectic. As your local whole-home service company, our experts want to help make life easier.

When you register for our Complete Comfort Club, there’s no worrying about routine maintenance. As a valued member, you’ll have two yearly tune-ups for your heating and cooling systems, in addition to special repair discounts and other exclusive benefits.

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*Advanced Air Home Services guarantees that, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the installation or repair service provided, for a period of one (1) year following the initial date of the installation or repair service in question, we will, at your option: (a) perform the installation or repair service again at no additional cost; or (b) issue a full refund for the installation or repair service charged. This guarantee applies for a limited period of one (1) year following the initial date of the installation or repair service performed by Advanced Air Home Services. This guarantee only applies to the workmanship of the installation or repair services performed by Advanced Air Home Services technicians and does not apply to any products, including but not limited to the performance or defects of such products installed or serviced by our technicians. This guarantee does not apply to any defects arising from use of the system or product for a purpose other than its intended purpose, misuse, alteration, accident, abuse or failure to maintain the product serviced or installed. Customer must provide prompt notice to Advanced Air Home Services of less than full satisfaction with the installation or repair service.