Why Your Home Should Have a Water Filtration System

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Edgewater, FL - How a Home Water Filtration System Could Improve Your Life

Water purification makes the water you drink cleaner and taste better. Other than health reasons, improving your water quality in Edgewater can also make your life easier, improve your cleaning appliances, and lengthen the lifespan of your plumbing.

Read on to learn how and why Edgewater area residents are having water filtration systems installed in their homes.

The Benefits of Water Filtration Systems 

Without a filtration system, the water that flows to your home can contain mineral, bacterial, and chemical contaminants. Many of the minerals, such as copper, arsenic, radium, and lead, are not safe to consume. If you use city water, you’ll also have disinfection chemicals (namely fluoride, chlorine, and ammonia) dissolved in your water. Wondering how safe your water is? Search EWG’s Tap Water Database so you can get a better idea of which contaminants you might be dealing with.

Here are a few ways filtering your water can improve your lifestyle:

  • Drinking water safety. By adding a home water filtration system, you can ensure that your home has

safe drinking water, with impurities completely filtered out or reduced to a safer level.

  • Lengthens your plumbing’s lifespan. While a filtration system doesn’t protect your plumbing from mishaps, it does remove the minerals that can build up and cause clogs—or worse—corrosion.
  • Less irritating on the skin and hair. Mineral-laden water, often called hard water, easily dries out the skin and causes breakage in hair. If a shower leaves you dry and itchy, a whole-home reverse osmosis water filtration system could be a good solution.
  • Improves the effort of your dishwasher and laundry machine. Hard water is not only harsh on your pores, but it also works against detergents cleaning your dishes or clothes. The appliances have to strain to do their job, and also suffer cumbersome mineral deposits that can shorten the appliance’s lifespan.A reverse osmosis water filtration system can reduce the minerals in your home’s water supply, though a water softener might be the best solution overall.
  • Better on the taste buds. Let’s be honest, no one likes to taste impurities in the water. The tangy minerals or odd chemical flavors taste weird on their own, but they also distract from the flavor of your coffee or tea. A simple filtration system could completely change that.

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Different Types of Water Filtration Systems

Choosing the right filtration system for your home depends on your usage and how you get your water. Do you need well-water filtration systems? Or do you get water that is pre-treated by the city and needs additional chemicals removed?

Here we talk about some of the most common filters and how they help:

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems

This is among the most popular type of filters for its successful removal of impurities. But how does a reverse osmosis system work? With pressure, it forces water through a 0.0001-micron semi-permeable sheet. This fine membrane catches the minerals, chemicals, and bacteria and directs them to be discharged in wastewater, leaving you with a flow of clean, pure water.

Here are some benefits of reverse osmosis water systems:

  • Extracts all contaminants. The fine mesh separates the larger molecules of minerals, chemicals, and harmful bacteria, only allowing the smaller water molecules to pass through.
  • Purer than bottled water. Because RO systems have such excellent filters, they ensure a higher level of purity than water bottle companies are held to by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Safer for aquarium pets. If you keep fish or coral reef tanks, you will realize that eliminating the minerals from the water helps grow healthier fish or coral.

Activated Carbon Systems

Carbon filtration systems are also a popular choice. They’re relatively inexpensive and easy to install. These filters work by allowing the impurities to bind to the charcoal in the filter.

  • Improves water. While not as thorough at removing mineral impurities as RO, activated carbon filters effectively clean the water, ensuring it’s safe to drink. It also improves the water’s color, smell, and taste.
  • Space-efficient. Activated carbon filters are designed to operate in a small space and are ideal for smaller homes or facilities.
  • Cost-effective. The overall cost is comparatively inexpensive and carbon filters can be cleaned and used again.

Expert Water Filtration Installation in Edgewater

Ensuring your St. Johns, Volusia, or Flagler county home has clean, purified water offers more than health benefits for you and your family. Aside from your skin feeling softer or your hair regaining its shine, you may also find that things are easier to clean, your plumbing lasts longer with less maintenance, and your coffee tastes better.

If you need help installing a water filtration system, certified Advanced Air Home Services plumbers are ready to help with great advice, free estimates, and experienced installation. We specialize in water purification services you can trust. Call us at 386-260-2330 or request service online.