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Keep the Power Working with Skilled Home Generator Maintenance in New Smyrna Beach, Palm Coast, and St Augustine

Homeowners usually can’t predict a power outage prior to it happening. When it does, it’s frustrating to wait around for the problem to be resolved. It impacts your home comfort, as well as the food in your fridge. If you’re without power for several days as the result of bad weather or a hurricane, you’re stuck with the problems left behind when it returns.

You can skip the annoyance and unexpected costs with your own whole home backup generator. If you already have one, Advanced Air Home Services will help keep it in the greatest possible shape so it runs properly when you need it. You can be at peace the next time extreme weather blows through because you know you can trust your home generator.

Our electricians in New Smyrna Beach, Palm Coast, and St Augustine have the knowledge and certifications required for great home standby generator maintenance. Advanced Air Home Services delivers tune-ups for all whole-home generator brands. Not to mention, our generator maintenance program takes care of the preparation for you every year. Just give our friendly staff a call at 386-427-1665 to schedule your appointment right away!



Advantages of Home Generator Maintenance

Many power outages are short, but you usually can’t figure out how many hours to resolve. Maintaining your home generator provides a lot of different advantages, such as:

  • Enjoying the peace of mind that hurricanes and extreme thunderstorms won’t keep the power off for long. A backup generator starts immediately after a power outage, reducing frustration.
  • Defending fresh food, utilities, network connections and other key conveniences from a power loss. These are the most frequent victims when the power is down.
  • Prevent dangerous power surges with an ongoing current.

But you won’t have these perks if your generator isn’t in working condition. Since bad weather can happen suddenly, there may be long stretches of time when you don’t need the generator. You may not have the chance to notice something has to be repaired before it’s too late.

Trust Advanced Air Home Services for Your Home Generator Maintenance Needs

A professional electrician like those at Advanced Air Home Services will know what to check for when providing maintenance. Essential parts are carefully checked and replaced if needed. If you don’t use a backup generator, we can help you figure out what model and size is ideal for your house, and then install it.

Give us a call at 386-427-1665 to request your home generator maintenance appointment today!